Making the Film

A few years back, Christoph was asked by his producing partner (and wife) Anna to fill in on a Hood To Coast team. From the moment he hit the mountain, he was overwhelmed by the sense of adventure and community that was evident even as people put themselves through a grueling challenge.

Within days, the production team began working on a proposal for a feature documentary about the world's largest relay. The idea was not to simply document a race, but to experience an event of epic proportion through the eyes of the people crazy enough to do it.

Filming began months before the race, eventually narrowing the cast of characters to four teams: the novices, the experts, the survival story, and the story of a family healing.

Over 100 crew members from both Portland and Los Angeles gathered to film the two day race in August. Even for the experienced crew members, the scope of the shoot was overwhelming. Over the 36 hours, the crews worked in alternating shifts, covering 197 miles of Oregon wilderness with limited cell phone reception. Each of the four main teams had their vans embedded with microphones and extra lighting, along with a field director, camera and sound operator who all traveled hidden in the trunk. In addition it took seven more film crews, timelapse cameras, cranes, and a helicopter, all strategically moving to capture the magic of the event.

With over 500 hours of footage editing took over a year. When the picture was ready, composer Nathan Barr signed on and recorded an incredible score, the final glue that the movie needed.

The film was honored to have its film festival premiere in March 2010 at the prestigious South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Hood To Coast will premiere in Portland, in conjunction with a nationwide theatrical release.

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