The HOOD TO COST Educational Edition DVD or Blu-ray set is now available.

Video Librarian Best of 2012 selection
HOOD TO COAST was named one of VIDEO LIBRARIAN'S Best of 2012 Documentaries.
"Boasting exceptional camerawork, editing, and music, this rousing film is highly recommended."

This three-disc set contains:

  • Educational 3-disc setThe Theatrical Cut: 100 minute, theater released film HOOD TO COAST
  • The TV Cut: 58 minute version, re-branded RACING HEARTS (ideal for class rooms, DVD only)
  • Bonus Material: over 30 videos, for over 2 hours of additional content including:
    • Extra videos to spread awareness about the leading cause of death in the US: Heart Disease.
      • Interviews with Dr. Caulfield, one of the country's leading sports cardiologists
      • Interviews with the family of a heart attack survivor
      • An interview with running icon and heart attack survivor Alberto Salazar
    • A Training Tips Video from a Nike Elite Runner
    • Extensive 20 minute Making-Of Featurette ideal for film and media classes
    • Director's commentary
  • This educational package also includes Public Performance Rights (for screenings with no admission fee only)

HOOD TO COST Educational Edition
for Colleges & Universities

HOOD TO COAST Educational Edition
for Non-Profits, High Schools, Government Organizations
and Public Libraries


for Public Library Lending Use Only
(Does not include public performance rights or the 58 minute TV edit of the film)

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About the Film: HOOD TO COAST weaves together several stories of people rising to meet and overcome monumental life challenges against the backdrop of the the largest running relay race in the world. A 67-year-old heart attack survivor returns to conquer the race that nearly killed her, a family in mourning runs to honor the memory of their beloved son who died from a heart attack, a group of film animators test the limits of their athleticism (or lack thereof), and a group of aging jocks show they still know how to have a good time. A celebration of personal determination and the power of friends and family, HOOD TO COAST proves that you’re never too old or too young to attempt the extraordinary. To order, or for more information, please contact us at

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